It's Okay to not be Okay.

If I could have one super power, it would be to see through people’s facades. I want to see the real them- to see their story right as I look them in the eyes. Mental health is so unbelievably important and so unbelievably powerful and so unbelievably overlooked. I wish someone’s struggle was right out in the open and I could let them know things CAN turn out good, they WILL get better, with some guidance. I want them to know they are not alone and they matter. There is meaning in your life whether or not you see it yet. It’s normal to have weak moments, to feel worthless at times, but those feelings don’t have to be the every day. They are NOT permanent. I wish I could look into someone’s eyes and see they are struggling and be there for them. Help them. Help them understand they have something to live for, that everyone around them cares about them, even strangers whose lives they didn’t realize they affected. Life is suffocating and really hard at times, but life can also be amazing and rewarding. Guidance, understanding, and kindness to those that may not be acting themselves may be more important than we realize. Remember this quote every now and then….”Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” Please be kind, be kind always! It’s worth more than you know!

“I don’t know you, but I can’t believe you’re gone. Your charismatic, friendly, genuinely good energy will be missed. Your passing has left me in shock. I would have never guessed it would be someone like you. I could tell you were a good person, maybe you had a lapse of good judgement. That’s what scares me. Good people can make bad mistakes, but those bad mistakes shouldn’t have to be at the cost of their life. You are loved, you are meaningful and you will be forever missed.” 

Giana AuroraComment