Be Your Best You & Don’t Apologize for It!

Never apologize for being yourself! I've noticed a common trend amongst people I've known throughout my life. They have a misguided truth about me. No one takes me seriously or thinks much of my thoughts or opinions. Maybe it’s the way I look? Maybe it’s because I laugh a lot? Who knows? I believe I have a fun-loving attitude, I do giggle a lot, I’m a little shy, a little reserved, yet I am extremely determined. I have a huge passion for kindness and am always striving for bigger and better things. I've always steered away from the "norm" and created my own path whether people liked it or not! Some judged, some unsure of my decisions, and very few who took time to understand me. Everyone wants to feel love and accepted, but when you’re not, what do you do? You stay true to your beliefs and trust your gut feelings anyway! My parents instilled in me that being an individual is important. They taught me not to care about what other people are doing, to focus on myself and what makes me happy. That's all that matters in the end! Doing things with purpose that are meaningful to you will always ensure success. Whatever that may be, keep at it, even when you feel like quitting. It will all be worth it, I promise! My grandma used to say, "There will always be someone prettier than you, smarter than you, faster than you. Your job is not to compare yourself to others, but to be the best YOU, you can be." Life is not a race, it's not about people being farther along than you or better off than you, it's about learning to love yourself and being confident in your decisions, even if those decisions don't please the ones around you. It's okay to think differently, it's a good thing actually. We shouldn't have to feel bombarded by other's thoughts, opinions, and judgements. They don't know our vision, our plan for life. And just because you may stray from what society views as the road to a fulfilling life, does not mean you are doing anything wrong. No matter how many times you explain yourself, there will always be narrow-minded individuals who don’t get it. We're all unique, have different interests, different lifestyles, and different views on what success is. You are the only one that needs to “get it” and if there is an issue, realize the issue lies within the person who is judging, not within you. Judgement will always be there. Judgement does NOT define you. As long as your decisions keep you happy and healthy, keep going.

Be different, stray from the norm, and show everyone you did it your way & still made it!

Giana AuroraComment